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Ordering readers online can be overwhelming. What are things to consider when you are looking for new reading glasses? We help you out with advice to make sure you get the reader that suits your needs.

Sunreader designs

Reader sunglasses with trendy designs! Reading sunglasses protect your eyes against UV light and give you an optimal vision while reading out in the sun. Do you have trouble focusing...

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Reader designs

Durable glasses with contemporary designs Your reading glasses say a lot about you, and that’s why you want a pair that matches your personal style. In the broad variety of...

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What is my strength?

What is my strength? Do you not know what strength your reading glasses should have? The indicative vision test below will help you with this. Sit +/- 40 centimeters from...

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Perfect vision

Perfect vision with the right reading glasses strength Throughout the years, peoples’ sight often decreases gradually. That is why perhaps you do not immediately notice that you need glasses. When...

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