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Perfect vision with the right reading glasses strength

Throughout the years, peoples’ sight often decreases gradually. That is why perhaps you do not immediately notice that you need glasses. When you no longer see clearly, when you experience reading problems, or when you have complaints such as headaches, then it might be time to purchase reading glasses. Choose one of the best designs and frames at Looplabb!

Glasses that match your eye strengths

When we get older, it is often inevitable: wearing reading glasses. Over the years, the elasticity of the eye lens lowers. This results in discomforts, such as headaches and fatigue. Someone who is new to using reading glasses often needs a strength of +1. The reading glasses in our shop vary from +1 to +3. A difference of +0.25 is almost imperceptible so therefore we offer glasses in steps of +0.5. Does your strength exceed +3.0? Then we recommend getting advice from a specialist, such as an optician. Looplabb offers the following lens strengths: +1, +1.5, +2, +2.5 and +3. Don’t know what strength you should have? Our vision test provides an indication.

Aestethic spectacles of high quality!

The reading glasses from Looplabb are the same quality as the reading glasses you buy at opticians. We use the thinnest lenses on the market because these are the highest quality and have the best design. This results in a quality product that combines ultimate wearing comfort with a beautiful esthetic design. We offer different frames and sizes which allows you to choose the reading glasses or sun reading glasses that fit well and match the shape of your face perfectly.

Give your sight a new experience

We find it very important that you have optimal vision. Therefore, we develop our products with an eye for details and we focus on producing the highest quality. At Looplabb service is highly valued. That is why we offer free of charge returns. Besides this, we guarantee a durable life for our glasses. Is there unexpectedly something wrong with the glasses? Two years of warranty comes with the purchase. We provide you the best service, so you can enjoy your perfect sight!

Ready for your new glasses? Take a look at our readers and sun readers.

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