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Durable glasses with contemporary designs

Your reading glasses say a lot about you, and that’s why you want a pair that matches your personal style. In the broad variety of available shapes, colors and styles however, it can be hard to find a model that suits you. In fact, selecting a new pair of reading glasses can be a real challenge. But don’t worry: whether you are looking for extravagant, modern or round glasses, for men or women, we will help you to find a pair of reading glasses that reflects and boosts your personality!

Which reading glasses suit me?

The shape of your face plays an important role in finding the right spectacle frame. A square face, for instance, is nicely complemented by a round frame. This shape provides a vibrant look and a softer facial expression. A round face, on the other hand, works well with angular glasses. Another factor you need to consider, is your hair color. Dark hair pairs well with brown frames, while blond hair pairs better with gray, burgundy or pastel colors. But in the end, your own style and taste are decisive. If you choose the glasses that make you feel good, they will make you shine!

High quality reading glasses for optimal vision!

Looplabb always strives for the highest quality. We believe that your eyes deserve only the best of the best, and this is reflected in our products. As a marker of safety and quality, all our eyewear is certified by TÜV in Germany. We never process any harmful substances in our glasses, and all of our new models are equipped with our innovative safe-lock screw. This state of the art screw ensures a super solid construction, and makes it virtually impossible for the legs to come off. The frames are produced in solid colors, making the peeling off of paint a thing of the past. Thanks to our innovative production techniques, we can offer you the highest quality glasses for a surprisingly low price.

Durable reading glasses: good for you and the world around you!

During the development and production of our reading glasses, sustainability is one of our top priorities. With our brand, we want to contribute to a better environment and we do everything we can to work as sustainably as possible. Some examples of our sustainability efforts are:

  • The exclusive use of FSC cardboard and paper
  • All packaging made from recycled materials
  • The development of fully recycled reading glasses, expected to be launched later in 2020

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