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What is the best way to clean my reading glasses?

If your reading glasses are dirty, they are of little use. No matter how good the lenses are and how closely the strength is adjusted to your eyes, a layer of grease and dirt makes it impossible to see clearly. It is therefore important to clean reading glasses regularly. Looplabb is happy to give you tips for this. These are the do’s and don’ts to keep your glasses nice and clean!

Why do my glasses get dirty so quickly?

Before we start with the solution, it is good to briefly consider the cause. Why do glasses get dirty so quickly? This is partly due to putting on and taking off, where greasy or wet fingers come into contact with the glasses. Because reading glasses and sun reading glasses are put on and taken off countless times a day, they get dirty a lot faster than regular glasses, which rest on the nose for most of the day. Sweat, hair, make-up, creams, dust and weather conditions can also be the reason for dirty glasses.

What cleaning products should I use to clean my glasses?

To clean the lenses of glasses, you can use mild soap or a detergent without citric acid. It is even better to use a cleaning spray that has been specially developed to clean the glasses without damaging them. This way you can be sure that your glasses will stay beautiful. Several good cleaning sprays are available at the optician and online.

Welke schoonmaakmiddelen moet ik vermijden?

Do not use cleaning agents containing citric acid to clean the lenses. Citric acid can affect the coating on your lenses. In short: you can clean your glasses with Dreft, but not with Dreft Citroen. It is also better to leave Glassex and similar sprays. Glasses glass is not (ordinary) glass, and these cleaning products contain substances that can damage the anti-scratch coating or anti-reflection layer of your glasses. This also applies to spirits and alcohol. These substances, which are also effective for making glass grease-free, are not suitable for plastic lenses.

Which materials can I best use to clean my glasses?

It is best to clean your lenses with a microfiber cloth or the cloth that came with your glasses. These wipes are specially manufactured for this purpose. They clean your glasses excellently, without causing scratches or damage. The wipes themselves must of course also be kept clean. You can simply wash them in the washing machine. Just don’t use fabric softener, because then the wipes can leave a greasy haze on the glasses.

Which materials should I not use?

In fact, almost all materials that are not intended for it are not suitable for cleaning the lenses of your glasses. It may be tempting to quickly brush the glasses with your shirt, shirt or dress. However, textiles contain fibers that can eventually scratch and damage the protective coatings. This also applies to napkins and kitchen paper. Therefore, always try to keep a lens cloth at hand.

Can I clean my glasses with water?

You can clean reading glasses with water. Hold the glasses under the tap under running, lukewarm water and dry them afterwards with a dry microfiber cloth. Hot water is not recommended. Glasses cannot withstand unexpected temperature fluctuations, which means they run the risk of deforming or even breaking.

How should I clean my frames?

During the cleaning process, it is best to hold your glasses by the bridge of the nose between the lenses. This way you can clean the frame and lenses with your other hand, without leaving new stains with your fingers. Do not hold the glasses by the temples. These are not made for this, so they can bend and the glasses become out of shape.

How often should I clean my reading glasses?

It is best to thoroughly clean glasses that you wear regularly twice a week. By this we mean cleaning with water and/or a liquid and a microfiber cloth. You can of course always polish the glasses with a microfiber cloth in between.

Now that you know how to properly care for reading glasses, you can look for a new model. View our collections of reading glasses and prescription sunglasses.

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