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Which shape of reading glasses suits my face?

Whether you need reading glasses for the first time or are just ready for a new look, choosing new glasses can be difficult. Glasses should not only make you see better, but also look nice. One of the elements you can pay attention to when choosing your next pair of glasses is whether the frame fits the shape of your face. In this article you can read which glasses suit which face shape.

What shape is my face?

This is how you do it:

  • The length of your face is measured from your hairline at the top to the tip of your chin.
  • You measure your jawline from the point just below your ear to the tip of your chin – multiply this number by 2.
  • Measure your cheekbones just below your eyes. The tape measure goes over the bridge of your nose.
  • Measure the width of your forehead just above your eyes, from hairline to hairline.

Write down the measurements and read on to see what shape your face has.

Round face? Choose angular or wide glasses

You probably have a round face if the length of your face matches the width of your cheekbones and your forehead and jawline are similar in size. These sizes are smaller than the length and width. In addition, this shape is characterized by a soft, rounded jawline.

Do you recognize yourself in this shape? Then angular glasses or glasses with angular elements suit your face well. A good example of this is the Lolita. Wide and larger frames such as The George will also look good on you. Round glasses and small frames are a less good choice. These make your face even rounder.

Oval face? Go classic or daring

Is the length of your face greater than the width of your cheekbones? Then chances are you have an oval face. An oval face shape is further characterized by a forehead that is wider than the jawline and a chin with a rounded shape.

An oval face is naturally well-balanced. As a result, almost all types of frames are suitable for an oval face. This offers you the opportunity to experiment with daring frames, but a classic round model like the Papillon will also look great on you.

The Papillon suits an oval shaped face.

Heart-shaped face? Take a round or semi-circular frame

If you have a relatively narrow chin and your forehead is the widest part of your face, you probably have a heart-shaped face. In addition, your cheekbones are higher with this type of face than with an oval face, for example.

With this face shape, it is best to choose round, semi-circular or oval glasses. These give you a soft look. For example, choose the popular Faust.

Square face? Go for round glasses

With a square face, all proportions are approximately equal. Another feature of this face shape is a sharp, slightly angular jaw.

The angular shapes of your face are best combined with round frames such as the Papillon or Faust. This softens the lines in your face. Angular frames emphasize this.

Triangular face? Then wide and round suits you

Is your face widest at the cheekbones and narrower towards the chin? Then you might have a triangular face. This shape resembles heart-shaped faces, but has lower cheekbones and a somewhat more pointed chin.

Round glasses or a wide frame can bring balance to your face. Oval glasses or glasses with rounded corners are also a good choice.

Diamond-shaped face? Choose round or oversized

If you have a diamond shaped face, your face is elongated and you have a sharp chin. In addition, you have relatively wide cheekbones and a narrower forehead, which makes the shape resemble that of a diamond. This face shape is not common and therefore makes you unique! Glasses can balance this type of face. Choose round glasses or oversized frames.

Combination of shapes

It is possible that your face resembles more than one shape. For example, a round face with heart-shaped elements. But which shape should you go for? Choose the shape that is most dominant.

See for yourself which shape you like best? See our collection of reading glasses and sunreaders.

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