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Doing it: Looplabb will complete the circle

Today’s world faces major challenges, from climate change and natural resource scarcity to inequality and prejudice. We know that one brand can’t change all of this alone, but we know that with hard work and a positive outlook, we can create eyewear where minimum is wasted and where everyone is welcome.

We know it’s a big ambition. We don’t know exactly how we’ll get there, but we’re positive and determined to make it happen. And we’ll share our progress – ups and downs – every step of the way.

“Our intention at Looplabb: Re-defining quality eyewear. Person by person, frame by frame, we will make our vision real.”

We are working towards our sustainability targets, including reducing our environmental impacts to a minimum, increasing our positive impacts to 100% and improving thousands of lives in our value chain.

Waste nothing
We want the future of eyewear to be fully circular and operate with sensitivity to planetary boundaries. So, we’re are aiming to shape a circular eyewear brand – one which limits its carbon – and water footprints, and where the materials we use can be part of a sustainable loop.

Welcome to all
It is our ambition as brand to welcome everyone, not to disclose anyone and to be completely transparent. We’re working to put inclusion at the heart of everything we do. We believe everyone should be able to wear eyewear that make them feel good – regardless of age, size, gender, race, sexuality or ability. We want to use the future power of our brand to challenge the status quo. We’re working to always be inclusive and make our products, experiences and communications completely accessible.

We will keep you posted…

Amsterdam, July 2022

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